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Outsourcing for agencies
and development departments

You can be sure that we will complete every project
in the shortest possible time and run for you at a fair price!


We are your anonymous partner for outsourcing

iotivata combines technical know-how with in-depth knowledge from over 15 years of practical experience in the IT industry. Whether a medium-sized company or a one-man business - we are the right choice and have the right solution ready.

This is why outsourcing is worthwhile for you

Outsourcing - i.e. the outsourcing of certain services to external service providers - ensures that you can concentrate on your area. Instead of having to take care of all possible tasks yourself, you can entrust us with them. In this way, you can deepen your specialization instead of laboriously familiarizing yourself with many different areas. As a white label service provider, we support your company from start to finish - anonymously and with the highest quality standards.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Working with focus
  • High flexibility
  • Start outsourcing now and benefit from the know-how of our expert teams. We make your project a whiz kid!

What we can do

Application development
We offer innovative solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments.

Platform-based product customization
Depending on the platform, we develop the right software - ready-to-use and multifunctional.

Legacy Applications
We give outdated systems a new look, refactor their code and move legacy apps to newer platforms.

100% user orientation at all times
We design the entire concept, take care of the implementation and also look after you afterwards.

Outsourcing service

Acquisition of requirements - development of the prototype
Our specialists analyze your business processes and then create wild frames and prototypes to test the software. This is how we identify potential weak points at an early stage.

The perfect design
Not only the software, but also the design is uniquely designed with the help of our experts.

Maintenance and support
From application upgrades to security assessments - we ensure that your product is always up to date and are always available for you.

Ready for your project?

Contact us easily and let's talk about your next project.