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Solutions for digital

Mobile IoT solutions for process optimization and digitization
of business and Industry


Start digital transformation now

Increasing digitization, new technologies and networking bring many opportunities, but also great challenges.

There are many paths leading to digitization and keeping an overview is not easy. With a digitization professional at your side, you will gain valuable expert knowledge and experience in your company and save a lot of time, effort and money.

Through our experience, we create holistic, digital projects for your company. We offer you individual concepts and deliver disruptive technologies for Industries, plant construction and device control.

With our native apps you can easily, quickly and effectively connect sensors and / or machines to smartphones or tablets.

The Internet of Things is complex. Basically, internet-enabled devices or applications are linked to one another. It ranges from private applications such as lighting control in smart homes to highly complex information technology networking of systems, machines and production facilities. This enables perfectly controlled processes - in real time.

How can we help you with the digital transformation?

    Digital transformation with Internet of Things
    Process development and process optimization using software

    Solve problems and provide new approaches

    When we support you in the digital transformation, we don't just look at the existing business areas and processes. No, we go on. In other words, digitizing and transforming existing problems makes no sense. Instead, we roll it up anew and look for solutions - with the best possible technical means and technologies. Communication plays a central role in this. And building a customer journey for users and customers.

    We also offer you the following services:

    • IT consulting and strategy development
    • Procedure and process organization
    • Data acquisition and smart documents
    • Service portals and apps and corresponding iOT interfaces
    • Business applications and business intelligence based on Symfony and Laravel
    • Case management solutions and knowledge management
    • Agile order and deployment management
    • Processing of data from barcodes, QR codes, NFC and beacon

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